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Device Compatibility

POLS v1.1 supports 8 different phone models from HTC and Motorola running Windows Mobile. Most of these devices are resold under several different names from several companies and cell operators, and in total, around 30 different phones are supported. Check below to see if your device is listed. If we've omitted your device and POLS does indeed work, please send us mail.

Model   Sold AsFeatures Supported *Notes
Motorola MPX200 Itself GSM Cells

HTC Voyager Orange SPV E200
O2 Xphone
QTEK 8080
I-Mate Smartphone2
GSM Cells

HTC Typhoon Audiovox SMT 5600
Orange SPV C500
UTStarcom SMT 5600
I-Mate SP3/SP3i
QTEK 8010/8020
Dopod 565
MoviStar TSM 520
O2 Xphone II
T-Mobile SDA
GSM Cells, GSM Channels

HTC Hurricane Orange SPV C550
T-Mobile SDA2
QTEK 8200
GSM Cells, GSM Channels

HTC Tornado I-Mate SP5/SP5m
QTEK 8300
QTEK 8310
GSM Cells, GSM Channels, WiFi

HTC Faraday Orange SPV C600 Cingular 2125 GSM Cells, GSM Channels Several ROM versions exist for this device. Try each of the Faraday model types in Phone Setup until you find one that works.

HTC Wizard O2 XDA mini Pro
T-Mobile MDA vario
I-mate K-JAM
Qtek 9100
Dopod 838
Orangle SPV M3000
GSM Cells, GSM Channels, WiFi Several ROM versions exist for this device. Try each of the Wizard model types in Phone Setup until you find one that works.

Don't see your device in the table above?

Just because it's not listed here, doesn't mean it doesn't already work or can't be made to work. Is it a Windows Mobile device? If so, send us mail with the name of your device. These phones are being resold under different names all the time, and it's difficult to keep track of them all here.

Software Requirements

Depending on what devices you're developing for, you'll need at least one of the following SDKs. However, if you're working on POLS itself or intend to build it from source, you'll need all 3 of these SDKs.

Cell Data

During the development of POLS, a large set of cell data for the Seattle Metro area was collected. The map below shows the coverage area. The combination of this data and the POLS software give a complete working location system within the coverage area. The cell data available for download under the POLS Privacy License.


POLS v1.0 only supports the HTC Typhoon series phones, and thus, has no WiFi support.

Smartphone Installer

PocketPC Installer

Source Code

Cell Data

CVS Access

The POLS CVS repository is hosted on SourceForge (Browse CVS repository). If you'd like to check out the source, we recommend using the Tortoise CVS client for Windows. If you intend to use the CVS client in cygwin, you should ensure that it's using Windows-style line endings.

CVS Settings:

  • Server:
  • Repository Folder: /cvsroot/pols
  • Module: pols